About Orla Dorgan


I am a big believer in educating yourself before baby arrives by taking my Antenatal Introduction to Breastfeeding Course. By empowering the mum and dad before baby arrives, this gives great confidence and can often lead to a successful breastfeeding journey. If breastfeeding issues do arise, they can be resolved much quicker when Mums are knowledgeable and may continue on their breastfeeding journey. My courses are practical, honest, non judgemental and all of your questions are answered to ensure you leave happy and excited.

To support families both antenatally and postnatally, I offer 1 to 1 consultations. This allows more tailored support and a plan for that Mum and baby. This can be either online which is very easily accessible or in home.

Along with the 1 to 1 Consultations and Antenatal Breastfeeding Course, I also offer a Returning to Work and Breastfeeding Course and Bottle Basics and Refusal Course – the first to be offered in Ireland by a Lactation Expert.
Support throughout your breastfeeding journey is so important, it just doesn’t end at 6 weeks. I am very passionate in supporting families in all stages of breastfeeding.
This can include returning to work and how to navigate breastfeeding.

Pumping, and combination feeding is discussed in all of these courses as you reach different milestones on your feeding journey.

I really want you to have a successful feeding journey and especially with breastfeeding. I love helping Mums along their journey in whatever way I can.
I look forward to meeting you along your breastfeeding journey & guiding you along the way

My name is Orla Dorgan, a leading award winning Lactation Consultant and one of Irelands most respected and friendly experts on all things Baby Feeding.

I am a Mum to 3 lovely children, married to Ronan and live on a farm in Cork
I am a General Practice Nurse in a busy GP Medical Centre in Cork City and work here one day a week.

I have years of experience working with breastfeeding mums, their partners and their babies in my role as a Lactation Consultant & as a Nurse in the GP Practice.

I qualified as a General Nurse over 20 years ago and in General Practice with over 12 years.
After having my first baby and having a great start to breastfeeding, I really believed every Mum and baby should experience this. Working in a GP practice, I met many new Mums, Dads and their babies. My knowledge in breastfeeding at the time was limited and I wanted to gain more knowledge in the area of breastfeeding to support families struggling to breastfeed. I went on to study as an International Board Certified Consultant IBCLC. This is the highest credential for a Breastfeeding Professional.
I qualified and set up my own private practice in 2016. Since 2016, I have met 1000’s of couples along their breastfeeding journey through my Classes and Consultations.

My passion is helping new mums, partners and their babies to breastfeed their babies successfully.

I support all families on how they want to feed their baby. This may be breastfeeding, bottle feeding and combination feeding.