Orla’s Top 3 Tips for the Best Start on Breastfeeding Your Baby

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by Orla Dorgan – General Practice Nurse RGN – Lactation Consultant –
9th February 2024 – Infant Feeding & Nursing Blog Posts 

There is many many things to remember on the start of your breastfeeding journey but these are my Top 3 Tips that will help you the most


It is a huge whirlwind when your baby arrives. No matter how much you prepare, it is still a shock to the system. I often say, as many other people do ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. This may sound a little harsh but those couples who have taken a preparation classes before the baby arrives including an Antenatal Introduction to Breastfeeding Classes, will all say it gave them great confidence.

When breastfeeding goes well, it is the most beautiful journey and it is to do with their knowledge and confidence they gained. Even if all is not going well, they reach out for help much sooner. They know it is just a small stumbling block or a speedbump and with the right support, you will get back on track again.

On any class and especially my Introduction to Breastfeeding Class, you will always hear me say there is two parts that are so important to the Class.

The  Latching Section and The Positioning Section.

Why? to have a good latch, you have to have good positioning.

1.Good latch, what does that mean – how baby attaches to the breast? not the nipple as that would be nipple feeding. They take in a large mouthful of breast and nearly suckle behind the nipple and areola to stimulate the breast.

2. To get this good deep latch, you must be holding baby in close to you, their ears, shoulders, hips all in a straight line to allow more breast tissue into their mouth. If their head is twisted it is really hard for them to latch on well and drink well. They have to be in good alignment to not cause pain for you. Sometimes moving baby even an inch in whatever direction can reduce pain for you if breastfeeding so, you can see how positioning is so important.

I do concentrate quite a lot of time on my class to this. I demonstrate with dolls and on a couch to guide you, you watch videos and in my book it is explained in so much detail.

And my last Top Tip is…

3.Support. You have to have someone in your canoe with you paddling in the same direction. This may be your partner, a relative or close friend. Having a partner who helps and guides and supports you is crucial. I encourage partners to attend all my classes. And having the email or contact of a Healthcare Professional be it a Lactation Consultant who you can reach out to if things are starting to go a bit south. Its amazing what the support can do to help guide you through that tough time and you come out the other end.

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