Infant Feeding Specialist and General Practice Nurse

Are you looking for an infant feeding expert who specializes in breastfeeding and formula feeding?

I offer both online and in person – Talks, Webinars, Workshops and Public Speaking on any topic infant feeding related. This can be tailored to your needs and audience.

Are you a Company welcoming mums back to work after Maternity Leave? Many Mums on their return may like to continue breastfeeding their babies. Mums can avail of their breastfeeding breaks since the change in law in July 2023. This entitlement allows for breastfeeding breaks up until their baby is 2 years.

Would you like support and advice on how to make the Mums transition back to work as easy as possible?

I can offer your Business support in what these breaks actually mean and what mums will be looking for to make their transition as easy as possible. Contact me here and we can arrange a meeting to discuss, both online and in person.

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Events Include

Some topics that can be tailored to your Audience

Returning to Work and Breastfeeding

You may have Mums returning to work and would like to continue to breastfeed. With the new Work Balance Life Act 2023, since 3rd July 2023, Mums are entitled to breastfeeding breaks.

Are you a business that would like to support Mums on their return to work and ensure the transition is as easy as possible for them? We know that happy employee’s will deliver on their work expectations. I can help you with this. It may be providing a nice space for them to pump.

I am always upskilling and attending conferences to have the most up to date research.
And as a busy Mum of 3 children, I have experience in all of these areas on a personal level.

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