Bottle Basics and Refusal Course

What’s covered? 

  • Have you Googled Bottle Feeding at 3am ?
  • Have you experienced Bottle Refusal at around 4 months?
  • Do you know what type bottles and teats best suit your baby?
  • Do you know how, when and how much to pump or how much formula to offer your baby?
  • My baby is refusing all type bottles, what can I do?
  • My baby cries when they see a bottle?
  • I am resenting breastfeeding – can you help?

Well, I have all of those answers for you, in 1 online course.

Save yourself precious time, stress and money and get all the answers you need in one easy to follow online course.

It is broken into sections so, you can dip in and out and watch the section that is relevant to you at that time.

I do advise to watch it all, just to understand how babies can react and feed differently from bottles/

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Returning to Work & Breastfeeding

The Returning to Work and Breastfeeding Course is for Mums returning to work and would like to continue breastfeeding on their return. This course is offered as a buy now and watch on demand. Join this course and watch each section as you need it.

You have a law protecting you, if you would like to continue all or some breastfeeding on your return. It can be a time where breastfeeding is working really well along with solids. Some Mums might decide to wean the day feeds. Some Mums might decide to offer formula when away from baby.

There is lots of scenarios discussed depending on your working day and I give lots of examples of working days to help you navigate.

Breastfeeding around the time baby starts a creche or childminders can be really beneficial to help with any bugs, colds that are very common in that first year.

What you may be thinking of is

  • Will I have to pump?
  • How much milk will my baby need when I am working?
  • Will I be engorged if I don’t pump?
  • How will my baby manage without me?

All of the above and so much more is discussed in the class

This course eases any worries or anxiety you may have on returning to work and continuing to breastfeed.

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